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A simple app to develop your drawing skills to next level. Practice the given exercise from this app every time before you start your actual drawing or painting.

What is Drawing assistant?

Drawing assistant is a simple android application. This helps to improve your drawing skills to next level. Practice the given exercises from this app every time you start your actual drawing or painting.

Drawing assistant application is based on a simple technique. It asks you to draw three triangles in 30 seconds. You should try to draw them as accurate as possible. Consider the length and angle of lines, the placement of corners from each other and their relationship with each other.

Screenshots from the application

Benefits of Drawing assistant

Spatial precision

helps in understanding positive and negative space correctly while you draw or paint

Proportion & relationships

helps to understand the proportion and relationship of different objects with each other

Lines & distances

improve the accurate measurement of lines and distances from each other

Only five minutes

spend as little as five minutes for 10 exercises before your actual drawing or painting

All types of drawing

the scenery, portrait, wild-life, city-scape or figure drawing, this will improve your drawings skills


by varying the line thickness, you can add depth to your drawing

How is Drawing assistant useful?

There are different ways to block your drawing in the initial phase. The first few seconds and few lines are the base of your entire drawing. Practice sessions from Drawing Assistant will help you to master your initial blocking phase. You can slowly go into details of your drawing.

Tips during practice

  • Keep your paper and pencil ready before you start.
  • Observe the line width, its angle to canvas and with other triangles.
  • Record the corners of the big triangle, draw it and then move to medium size triangle
  • Try to draw the triangles as per the thickness. This will help you in perspectives
  • Try to finish the drawing in 20-25 seconds and remaining 10-5 seconds to review and correct it.

Thank you

Thank you for visiting Drawing assistant page. My best wishes for your drawing journey. No matter at what level you are, there is always a chance of improvement.

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